We are determined to help as many residents as we can so they enjoy this stage of their lives, living it with passion, hope and joy.

Why Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is a highly effective treatment option that can addresses the needs of seniors. Based on scientific evidence, psychological therapy combined with music and musical elements achieves impressive goals. It reaches people that are may not be receptive to other forms of therapy and it can be made accessible for its participants. We believe that senior living should be engaged, empowered and happy.

And making this happen drives us. Our team of accredited music therapists facilitates a number of signature programs tailored and dedicated to long term care. Follow a few weeks of consistent sessions, and you’ll be amazed about the improvements you’ll see.

What makes our programs different?

That’s easy.

  • New Song Music Therapy offers tried and true signature programs that achieve results.
  • Our team takes advantage of clinical supervision to ensure quality standards.
  • We set goals and track our progress.
  • We only work with motivated and passionate music therapists.

In a nutshell – It makes us happy to see your seniors happy!

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