Music Therapist

New Song Music Therapy is seeking 2 part time contract music therapists to join our passionate team. Depending on the home, full day services (7.5hrs, 9am to 5pm), or half day services (3.5 to 4.5hrs, mornings or afternoons) will be required on a weekly basis. These opportunities have potential to grow.

If you are passionate, reliable, self motivated, interested in working within a music psychotherapy framework and love to work with seniors who are striving for personal development then New Song is looking for you.

Who We Are

New Song Music Therapy is a music psychotherapy company based in Ontario, Canada serving the community since 2009. We are a creative company that cares about seniors and senior living. Over the past 12 years, we have developed a transformative and signature music therapy program for the needs of seniors, and we are happy to see just how much of a difference it has made in their lives. We could not have achieved this without our team – the skilled, compassionate and committed people that are the key to our success.

What We Offer to Our Therapists

  • Peer Supervision
  • Team Meetings and Socials (which often includes Ice Cream Cake)
  • Additional resources
  • Continued Education Opportunities
  • Ongoing Training, support and development
  • A growing company with various opportunities

What We Do

New Song provides services at long term care homes in various locations. At each location we provide full day services (9am to 5pm), or half day services (mornings or afternoons), on a weekly basis. Session time, documentation and meaningful interactions all happen onsite and is supported by our cloud-based system. Caseload and groups are pre-established, as per the New Song model. Each location has its own set of instruments. Our team of music therapists and interns have access to peer supervision and support, team meetings, professional development, and company events.

What Else We Do

Here is what residents and staff are saying when asked what music therapy means to them:
“One word: Release.  Its a good release, we get together and release our emotions. Sometimes it can turn into a necessary gripe session, and when it doesn’t, we take out our emotions and frustrations on the drums.  The music therapy group helps build camaraderie with each other, which continues on at our meal times because some of us sit together.” –  Steve, Men and Music
“They are emotionally in the moment”; “It’s so well worth it, I never want to let it go”; ” She’s in a totally different light after the session”; I personally love New Song – Jennifer, Program Manager 


Qualities We Look For

General Requirements

  • Ability to work within the new song model which includes a music psychotherapy framework
  • Music Therapy Degree
  • Music Therapist Accredited status or seeking Accreditation
  • A Member in Good standing with the CAMT
  • The ability to work as part of an inter-professional team and independently
  • Passionate about music therapy
  • Willing to engage in ongoing training
  • Strong music skills

Clinical Skills:

  • Ability to assess, observe and document a patient’s mood, affect, behavior and responses to music interventions
  • Desire to develop Psychotherapeutic techniques
  • Experience in Geriatrics is an asset
  • Maintaining Professional Behaviour

Musical Skills:

  • Ability to play basic chord progressions (I, IV, V) in various keys on the guitar
  • Ability to accompany yourself on the guitar while singing and engaging clients in the music
  • Ability to improvise, using percussion instruments, voice and/or guitar
  • Ability to quickly learn music and apply it in different interventions

Preference is given to the Individuals who can demonstrate the following:

  • Understanding of a music therapy model that includes counseling
  • Access to a vehicle.
  • Meets or working towards requirements for registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario.

Part Time

1 -2 Days per week

Start Dates

August 2021 and September 2021

Your Application

Positions will remain open until filled.

    Please answer the following questions

    1. How do you currently maintain your standing with CAMT and CRPO? If you are not a member of the CRPO do you plan on applying?

    2. Given your knowledge of New Song’s vision and mandate, describe in detail why you would be the best person for this job.

    3. What made you want this job?

    4. What significant clinical moment has stayed with you?(including dates)

    5. When are you available to start in this position and which days of the week are you available for work?

    6. Do you like ice cream cake?