Kaitlyn McLagan MMT, MTA

Music Therapist

Kaitlyn McLagan is a classically-trained vocalist who has completed a Masters of Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University in addition to her Bachelor’s in Music Education from Western University.

Kaitlyn has music therapy experience working with individuals across the lifespan; from infancy to older adults. She has supported inpatients, outpatients, and family members in hospitals with a focus on psychosocial needs. Adult and adolescent mental health have been areas of interest for Kaitlyn, and she has facilitated individual and group music therapy sessions in mental health settings. She has also led group sessions for older adults with Alzheimers and dementia. Kaitlyn enjoys working with older adults; listening to their stories, acknowledging their wisdom, and witnessing their expertise while encouraging creativity and new experiences through music.

When not making music, Kaitlyn likes spending her time outdoors reconnecting with nature on local trails and in provincial parks. In the winter, Kaitlyn is content with a good book, TV show, or knitting.

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